I consider myself to be a life long a student of Aikido.  I am Ronin. I belong to no official organization any longer. I have been fortunate to have been taught by wonderful teachers and friends among which are Peter Tamagni Shihan, Rokudan, Dojo Cho and Chief instructor at Vineland Aikikai along with Eddie Williams Sensei, Godan, Shidoin, at Vineland Aikikai https://www.facebook.com/VinelandAikikai/ under Yamada Sensei USAF.  http://www.usaikifed.com/

I continue to train under Anthony Pallante at the “Sand Pit” Aikido Club, a “non denominational”, ” non organizational”  type outdoor Dojo. We have a strong lineage to Iwama Style and Aikikai from Saito Shihan and O’Sensei by way of Salvatore Sensei and Robert Danza Sensei.  We train in the sand, with weapons, outdoors, and in all weather surrounded by trees. We have a great comradery, no BS, no agenda, no politics, just pure art and training. I carry my Dojo with me.

I also currently train with Scott Harrington Sensei, 7th dan Shuyokan Aikido at his home Dojo. Harrington Sensei has studied  Daito ryu for many years, is a Shodan in Tang Soo Do, a published author; “Aiki Tool Box” https://www.linkedin.com/in/scott-harrington-8810a614

I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to train with and receive instruction by my friend and teacher,  Dave Maturo Sensei, Yondan of South Jersey Aikido Academy under Sam Carney Sensei, and form my first teacher, Mark Ahlquist Sensei, Yondan Osameru Aikido Club who helped me cross the bridge.